Which process is best for you? Guided? Coached? Curated?

You have the choice of three main coaching routes with IMEUS, all of which begin with THREE core elements:

  • The recording and submission of a video selfie
  • Our evaluation of your video
  • A coach to take you through the feedback and identify areas for development

The Guided Process

We provide clear instructions to help you generate your video selfie.

One of our communications experts (known as Guardians) will assess your video and generate a personalized report. We identify your strengths and highlight areas for you to practice and improve. This provides the basis for you to begin the process of improving your presentation style.

This approach is ideal if:

  • You are preparing for an interview
  • Wanting to improve the first impression you make
  • You are simply curious about how other people see you


The Coached Process

We provide longer-term support (typically 2-3 months) to give you a more in-depth understanding of your style and how you can improve. We provide three hours of one-to-one online coaching (via Skype). This allows us to define and refine areas for development. The focus is on:

  • A more detailed analysis of your style,
  • Access to presentation techniques that will enhance your personal impact
  • Opportunities to practice your new skills and get instant feedback.

This approach is ideal if you are:

  • Due to deliver an important presentation
  • Facilitating a group working session and want guidance on handling different types of people
  • Meeting with, or managing, a team

The Curated Process

We chose the term ‘curate’ because it gives you total control over the areas you develop. We work with you over an extended period – normally 5-6 months. Several of our Guardians (with differing skill sets) will work closely with you (online and in person) to:

  • Analyze and compare how you are perceived in different contexts (team meetings, executive meetings, pitches, town halls, taped video interviews, live TV interviews, conferences, etc.)
  • Focus on the aspects of performance that will make you most effective in each of those contexts

This program:

  • Improves your ability to influence and persuade
  • Identifies new ways to lead and Inspire others
  • Can be integrated with your personal work development plans