7 Seconds. On average it takes 7 seconds for people to have made an assessment of whether they are likely to trust you or not.

In a corporate setting that can be the difference securing the deal and losing it!

IMEUS offer you the real time facility to identify, understand and hone what natural skills you posses to increase on that statistic. 

Talk to us now we can help.


  • IMPRESSION - Follow our online instructions, submit a video selfie and get a response within 48 hours to how the world sees you.
  • GUIDED IMPRESSION - A guide handholds you through the process. Your video is viewed by a panel of specialists and feedback is given for you to integrate into your personal presentations going forward.
  • COACHED IMPRESSION - This journey follows the GUIDED PROCESS but with more focus on the message you are creating, helping you create and edit your own content and leads to you self-shooting your own self promotion video- selfie.
  • CURATED IMPRESSION - This journey offers over 5 hours of face to face coaching and direction with US editing your final self promotion video- selfie



Sometimes you want to create a voiceover for your presentation or online ad that you have had built or you have prepared yourself and do not have the budget for a commercial voice over agency to become involved. 

We will help you refine your voiceover to give that professional edge at nowhere near the cost of market rates.

Through the IMEUS lens of how the world sees you - we give you the opportunity to control more directly what message you want to send out by offering access to writers and voiceover artists. 

Sample of voiceover artists for you to use.


There will be times when getting a message across without calling a face to company meeting will be of paramount importance. We offer both a filming and editing service to deliver this message in a dynamic fashion. Either on a bespoke platform supporting your brand or through the IMEUS platform.

There is also a mechanism for this to be done via video selfie.


Everybody has their own truth and their own communication demons they want to challenge and change. There is a whole world of likeminded indivduals out there curious to know how they can improve on the Impact Highway. IMEUS draws on it's database to match those likeminded people together so they can share their issues and confidences and build more effectively on best practice. The buddy network draws on the best that facebook has to offer without having to involve the family.