Melisa has worked with IMEUS for three years and is an experienced trainer, facilitator and role-player, working with clients such as Wagamama, Specsavers, Airbus and the London Transport Museum.  Building on a background in the theatre, she is currently undertaking a Masters in Dramatherapy, where she is researching new ways in which we can use mind and body in harmony to communicate more effectively.



Sam is a highly experienced Training and Development specialist and a qualified Business Coach. He has a background in live performance and entertainment and, via his training and events company tradesecrets (, has worked with the biggest names in commerce and industry, including British Airways, Sainsbury’s, Wagamama, Specsavers and Unilever. In 2015, he teamed up with entrepreneur Tony Wood to create IMEUS, a unique and innovative online service that helps individuals to get personalised self-development advice from highly skilled business and presentation coaches.


Aidan has worked with IMEUS for the last 3 years and is a highly experienced Writer and Coach with more than 30 years’ experience working in the corporate sector. In that time, he has worked for many of the world’s leading companies in the pharmaceutical, insurance, banking and consumer goods sectors. Aidan is our language expert, holding a PhD from King’s College London, where he specialised in analysing the way language changes in film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays



Melissa is one of the leading members of the IMEUS team and has been with us for almost 3 years.  

A highly experienced actor and voice-over artist, Melissa has worked with a range of major organizations to help executives develop and refine their communications skills. She provides coaching on the full spectrum of personal communication challenges, including 1-1 interactions, large group presentations and TV interview techniques. 

Melissa is also a Trustee of the charity Touchstone, which focuses on the communication needs of children on the autistic spectrum.



Tony has worked with businesses, data and technology for 30 years focussed on operation, data and automation. Tony has a background of building strong businesses including Vision with Technology, GT8 Online, B-Social, YQUP working for clients such as Financial Times, DTI, 3Com, Land Registry, CNBC.
His focus is ensuring the operations match the customer experience and ensuring customers information is secure..



Sudha is a TED X & international keynote speaker, as well as a guest lecturer for public speaking at Nottingham Trent University. Through her work as Founder of Social Enterprise, Shake Your Power, Sudha was presented with the role of Ambassador for EU Sustainability Week and has received multiple awards for her entrepreneurial endeavours.
In her other life Sudha is a world-renowned pop musician and performer. The heartbeat of electronic band Faithless, she has enjoyed huge global success and can be seen featured on records and tours with artists including The Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue and Dido. She comes to IMEUS with over 20 years of high-level performance experience