You want to make a strong first impression? You'd like to make more of an impact - in interviews, pitches, selling to customers or in everyday life?
Then you have come to the right place!

IMEUS is an online service bringing expert communication advisors to you. Online. At any time. And at a fraction of the cost of traditional training programmes.


As a society, we tend to believe that the mirrors we use to look at ourselves give us a relatively accurate visual impression of what we look like.

What if that mirror could talk back?

What if it could give you specific, personalized feedback about how you come across to other people?

What if it could then help you to improve that impression by offering advice on not only what you say, but how you say it?

IMEUS is that talking mirror.


You send a selfie video of yourself to IMEUS where an expert advisor will review your video and send you feedback within 48 hours.

What if you decide that was good advice and you want more? No problem.
Your advisor can be your advisor beyond the "first impression" video assessment.

And what if you decide it wasn't good advice? No problem - we give you your money back.

Try it today. It was never easier to learn how you come across to others.

Corporate programs on offer on application - email us at everyone@imeus.co


The new 7-Step Leadership Program from IMEUS: expert, personalised coaching online. Find out more now


Make the most of your voice      

Audio Selfie Now

Your voice plays an important role in influencing others, so how can you make the most of it? 

Find out by recording a short AUDIO SELFIE and sending it to us at IMEUS. 

Within 24 hours, our in-house VOICE COACHES will:

  • Analyse your individual voice qualities (volume, pitch, tone, placing  and pacing)
  • Identify simple ways to develop your voice for greater impact

So, whatever your current role - from business leader to new recruit - send us an AUDIO SELFIE and find out how you can maximise the potential of your voice!

How to make your Audio Selfie

  1. Register with us
    • Send an email to audioselfie@imeus.co . (Send it from your work email so our spam filters don’t redirect you!) 
    • Include your phone number - We add you to a WhatsApp group.
    • We will then contact you via email.
  2. We send you a sentence that we would like you to record on your phone (or computer)
  3. You record the sentence.
  4. You send us the recording via WhatsApp
  5. We analyse your voice within 24 hours
  6. We send you an email with your report and our recommended next steps.



*Students and school leavers please contact us for our discounted rates